Dental Membership

Our Savings Plan

Aurora Hills Dental Membership Plan is designed specifically for patients who do not have dental insurance. You and your family can continue to receive high quality dental care while keeping your costs down.

Our Plan Includes the Following Services at No Additional Charge
– Hygiene Exams (once every six months)
– Preventative X-rays (Bitewings – once every six months and/or Pano every 3-5 years)
– Cleanings (Prophylaxis or Periodontal Maintenance): once every six months
– Preventive Fluoride Treatment (once every six months)

– Enrollment is valid for 12 months from month of sign up. Once the plan is activated, any unused portion is non-refundable
– Plans must be paid on a yearly basis
– Annual fee is due at time of enrollment – Payment must be made at time of service
– Financing options available
– Must be 18 years old to enroll as an individual
– 10% cost savings on all dental treatments (see exclusions below)
– Additional Cleanings (Prophylaxis or Periodontal Maintenance) are an additional $95 per visit

– Orthodontics / Invisalign
– Dental Rehabilitations of 6 or more teeth
– Dentures
– Whitening

Low Cost Plans


Individual and Spouse

Family Plan

*Family plan includes two adults and two children.

To submit a request for our plan coverage, please download our coverage form. You can bring it with you to your next appointment and we will help determine if our plan is right for you!