Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistAn important part of helping your children develop a solid foundation of good dental health and habits is bringing them to the dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings. 

At Aurora Hills Dental, we’re proud to provide our patients the convenience of taking care of the whole family’s dental care needs in one location with the same trusted dentist. We are happy to see and care for your children, too! 

When Should Your Child First Visit the Dentist?

Infants typically see the dentist for the first time within six months of their first tooth erupting or by the time they have their first birthday. During this appointment, Dr. Zalesky can help parents understand what to expect when their infant’s new teeth come in and how to care for them. 

Parents should also talk to the dentist about infants and toddlers who:

  • Suck on their thumbs or use pacifiers
  • Go to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup
  • Have teeth staining (milk stains)

Additionally, if your child has any development, health, or emotional issues that might make visiting the dentist more stressful or difficult, we encourage you to let us know before your child’s appointment. We can help accommodate your needs and provide a positive experience for your child at the dentist’s office.

What’s Included With a Pediatric Dental Appointment?

Pediatric dentistry focuses on preventing dental problems from occurring, teaching children how to care for their teeth at home to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits, ensuring the proper development of your child’s teeth and jawbone structure. 

Teeth Cleaning

Each child’s appointment begins with a professional teeth cleaning with one of our gentle dental hygienists. This cleaning removes stubborn plaque and tartar buildup from your child’s teeth to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Dental Examination and Orthodontic Evaluation

Our dentist then examines your child’s teeth, gums, jawbone, and other structures within and around the oral cavity. Part of this examination looks for signs of potential dental health concerns like tooth decay. 

The other portion of the examination is intended to evaluate your child’s development, ensuring their teeth are coming in normally, with enough room, and that their jawbone structure is developing as expected. 

If Dr. Zalesky detects any signs of tooth decay, orthodontic concerns, or other issues, he will discuss them with you and help you determine the best course of treatment for your child. 

Digital Dental X-Rays

If necessary, we might recommend taking a set of digital dental x-rays to view your child’s developing teeth, portions of their erupted teeth that are below the gum line, and their jawbone to ensure there is enough room for teeth to develop and erupt as they should. 

Preventive Dental Treatments

We strongly recommend preventive dental treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants for children. Depending on your child’s fluoride exposure and intake, we might recommend professional treatments in our office. 

To help prevent tooth decay and simplify oral hygiene, we also recommend giving your child sealants on both their deciduous (baby) molars and their permanent molars as they erupt. 

Patient Education

We take the time to talk with each of our younger patients about the proper techniques for taking care of their teeth at home. This includes child-friendly instructions on the proper way to brush and floss at home to keep their teeth healthy between dental appointments.

Learn More About Pediatric Dentistry at Aurora Hills Dental

To learn more about our pediatric dentistry services and how we can make your child’s first experiences at the dentist’s office positive, or to schedule an appointment for your child, we welcome you to contact Aurora Hills Dental today.